Dr. Ken Castle


B.S. Physics, University of Massachusetts, 1977

Ph.D. University of Arizona Optical Sciences Center, 1985

Dr. Castle, President, has over 30 years of experience in the optics field covering optical design, optical engineering, radiometry, stray-light analysis, assembly and test. Major military projects he has been involved with include STARLAB (involving a five off-axis parabolic relay that he aligned), NEMO (where he designed the pan-chromatic imager), AC-130 Gunship Program (involved with the targeting system optical design), and ARGUS (responsible for the alignment and testing of the diffraction-limited optics). He has also been associated with several commercial projects performing design, analysis, and testing tasks

Ken is generally responsible for optical engineering and analysis, and ensuring that the mechanical department has the optical information necessary to move forward for each project. Ken's exceptional teaching skills are utilized in mentoring junior engineers in optical design, tolerancing, and testing. Ken also acts as a detective in analyzing problematic optical systems, finding a fix and optimizing their functionality. His acquired knowledge and years of experience allow him to visually assess aberrations and identify the adjustments necessary to output a diffraction limited system.

Ken's interest in optics started in high school when he tried to make a telescope for a science project. He has had a lifelong interest in astronomy, and still infrequently contributes observations to AAVSO and their variable star programs. His passion for perfection is often tempered by the engineering need to make it good enough, though beating the spec is still what is strived for. He still loves what he does, and looks forward to helping others learn to love optics as well. Ken has been a member of three professional societies for over 30 years: OSA, SPIE, and ASPRS.

Dr. Tilman Stuhlinger

Vice President

B.S. Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University, 1975

M.S. Physics and Astronomy, University of Georgia, 1979

M.S. Optics, University of Arizona/Optical Sciences Center, 1981

Ph.D., University of Arizona, Optical Sciences Center, 1984

Dr. Stuhlinger, Vice President, is highly accomplished in the areas of optical testing and optical design/analysis utilizing CODE V, ZEMAX, and ASAP/Rabet. Tilman developed an in-house methodology to better analyze and critique optical system sensitivities and tolerancing. A world class designer with revolutionary thinking, he is knowledgable in fabrication techniques and capabilities. His intimate knowledge of RCI alignment and assembly processes coupled with his extensive experience make his analyses exquisitely accurate.

Among his many accomplishments, he is responsible for the following optical designs:

  • All-reflective space-based hyperspectral imager
  • Catadioptric panoramic imager
  • Analysis for National Ignition Facility
  • Tolerance analysis of next-generation space telescope
  • SmART Lens, winner of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Scientific and Technical "Oscar" Awards 2009
  • Design of zoom lens and low stray-light objective for airborne surveillance system
  • Tolerancing of wide-field, high-resolution airborne surveillance objective
  • Design of non-imaging concentrator array for airborne radiometer
  • Design of superconic laser-diode collimator
  • Design of lithographic optical systems

Stuart W. Singer

Senior Technical Director

B.S. Physics, Ohio State University, 1979

M.S. Physics/Optics, Hofstra University, 1984

Stuart joined Ruda Cardinal bringing his 38 years of optical manufacturing, lens design, program management and technical sales experience in the Military, Aerospace, Industrial/Commercial and Motion Picture/Television Industries, to the group. He has worked with Ruda Cardinal on various optical projects since its inception.

Prior to joining Ruda Cardinal, Stuart was the Senior Vice President & CTO of Schneider Optics, (the U.S. subsidiary of the German Company, Schneider-Kreuznach) for 7 years, and its Technical Director for 17 years. Stuart has vast experience in the optical industry ranging from hands-on fabrication of lenses, lens design, as well as testing and analysis.

Stuart was the Optical Engineering Manager at Loral Fairchild Systems, formerly known as Fairchild Reconnaissance and Surveillance System (Fairchild Space and Defense), for 14 years. His work includes optical applications for military reconnaissance, space born optical systems, industrial lenses for machine vision, and the Hollywood film and television industries.

Stuart is a Senior Member of the Optical Engineering Society - SPIE. Stuart received a National Emmy Award in 2012 for his development of an IRND Filter for Digital Motion Picture Cameras. Over the years Stuart has published numerous technical papers and has been a frequent lecturer in the field of optics.

Dr. Kate Medicus

Executive Vice President

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, UNC Charlotte, Center for Precision Metrology

Kate is the Research and Development department head at Ruda-Cardinal. She is responsible for executing our innovative ideas that will allow Ruda-Cardinal to further contribute to the field of optical engineering and meet our future customer needs.

Kate’s technical background is in optical metrology and precision engineering principles. Kate has been working in the field of optical and precision engineering for over 15 years. Her career began at NIST and UNC Charlotte where she gained a foundation of good measurement and analysis procedures. This foundation has allowed her to contribute in industry as a researcher at an instrument manufacturer, at a precision optics manufacturing company, and now at Ruda-Cardinal.

Kate is an active participant of the multiple societies including American Society for Precision Engineering, SPIE, and OSA. She has published and presented in multiple journals and conferences generally related to optics manufacturing and metrology.

Giovanna Dietz

Office Manager

Giovanna Dietz is the Office Manager at Ruda-Cardinal and has over 8 years of experience working with engineers in a variety of roles. As Office Manager she handles project procurement, scheduling and cost tracking for each particular program at Ruda-Cardinal. Her knowledge and experience has provided her with the necessary skills to fill multiple roles within the company. Giovanna is responsible for Accounting, ISO audits and approval as well as time tracking, program budgets and invoicing. Her attention to detail and strong work ethics are not only highly valued by Ruda-Cardinal but are also much appreciated by our customers.